This is me.

Hello world,

This is how I’m choosing to tell my story. Now whether you want to read it that’s on you, but this is me. Last week I found out I had something called Axiety. At first when the doctor told me I said “I’m not crazy, and there is nothing wrong with me”.   He asked me a few questions and there it was. In this moment I was so indenial that me, I had something wrong with my brain. Right now I don’t even fully understand what is wrong with me. I know I’m different and I get mad on a drop of a dime. I thought everyone did this, I thought I was “NORMAL”. I tried so hard to hide and mask what was wrong with me for years. Excuse after excuse why I would do the things I do. I was normal and that’s it. No one was going to tell me otherwise. Today was the first day I spoke with my therapist, I like her a lot. She’s calming, funny, and I like her office. I finally feel like someone understands me. I feel “normal”. As I walked out of my first session, I don’t really know what I felt. A downpour of emotion could maybe describe it. This is day one, this is me.



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